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Nov 24, 2009 9:00am EST
. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access sprint. the now network. [bell ringing] the way the stock market's been acting lately you may wonder if you've been doing the right thing. is the advice you've been getting helping or hurting? are the fees you're paying really worth it? td ameritrade's fees are fair and straight-forward. their research is independent and unbiased. their investment consultants are knowledgeable and there when you need them. so why not talk to one? announcer: call today to schedule a free investment check-up, or visit a td ameritrade branch. >>> here your headlines just before the bell on this tuesday morning. home prices up slightly in september. that's just in comparison to august. fourth month of that sort of a gain compared to a year ago, they are still down and on average back to their levels of 2003. gdp meantime was revised lower
Nov 20, 2009 9:00am EST
's a big girl car. i want the big girl car. a very smart little girl. the chevy traverse. america's best crossover. compare us to anyone and may the best car win. but in business, only two matter: red and black. red, well, no one wants that. black on the other hand, has strength. black is always in style. it's what business looks best in. black is where growth and success happen, and it's easier to get there and stay there in ontario, canada, especially with our competitive tax rate. ♪ ontario, canada - the world works here. >>> oh, yeah, we're back. we're live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. s&p is down 6.70. looking at a loss of maybe 50, 60 points on the dow at the open. not at all what gordon charlop told us to expect. you're on the floor. the man, the myth, the legend, dr. know, gordon charlop, managing director of rosenblatt securities as well as a cnbc market analyst. it takes forever just to introduce you. >> thank you. i would appreciate that. a little enthusiasm here. >> so many credits to your name. >> kind of like, i consider being here one of your credits. let
Nov 23, 2009 9:00am EST
portfolio prepared for that eventuality. >> all right. well, we're not in the buy america camp here, but, okay. happy thanksgiving. >>> we're on the way to the final countdown on the other side of the break. at least for today we will have a sharply higher open for dollar denominated stock on the big board. >>> you are watching cnbc "squawk on the street." we are in downtown manhattan, financial capital of the world. the opening bell is going to ring in just about -- just under four minutes. >>> welcome back, folks. in the headlines at this hour, gold if you haven't heard, yet another new high. $1170 an ounce is behind us now. and the national association of business economists are calling for growth in 2010. and they say that companys will start hiring again, albeit slowly. >>> soup isn't just good food, it may be a good investment. campbell's with a profit last quarter up 17%. >> as we count you down to the opening bell, joining us from the cme group is george kachut,broker with the rnb group. we have a little bit of a laugh at your expense. okay. what are we looking at today. does it
Nov 25, 2009 9:00am EST
numbers as one of the housing data points we received this week, home prices in america are back to where they were in 2003. i'm curious, if that does not change over the next couple of years, is our economy pretty much stuck in a situation where it really can't grow either? that is the single most important piece of most american's wealth. >> our view is that the real estate rise was a dramatic rise, reached a bubble proportions. it's been a three-year correction. we've probably troughed this year. erin, we think that the real estate conditions are probably going to continue to churn off the bottom condition for two years or so. as investors, as you start looking forward, real estate might be one of the most attractive area it is you have a seven- or ten-year horizon. the trough is going to be extended, 2012. we need the inventory to clear. >> keith, thank you very much. >> thanks. >>> coming up, the executive director of why our transportation system is such a mess and for most people traveling such a frankly miserable experience that people dread. >>> plus, 29 days un
Nov 27, 2009 9:00am EST
at the big board, marvel entertainment, kids day at the new york stock exchange along with captain america and the incredible hulk. at the nasdaq, sears holding celebrating black friday. what is that -- that blue m&m? that must be a symbol of sears. let's get to the market reporters. all standing by. not fully open. futures indicated a drop of 200. now down 120. we're getting there. let's check in with mary. >> all that expected, of course, erin. the futures pointing to the weak open we're seeing. dow up 126. s&p down 15. the nasdaq down 61 as we speak. of course, all of this in the wake of a global sell-off on concerns about the dubai debt repayment, asking dubai asking for moratorium on its debt payments for six months. that, of course, has shaken the global markets, particularly the emerging markets taking a big hit. the european markets have recovered this morning. let's also helped to strengthen the dollar. the dollar has strengthened, the commodities and commodity stock have pulled back today. that's one area we're watching. we're also watching the european banks. over in europe they
Nov 30, 2009 9:00am EST
on the dow, financials, bank of america and jpmorgan as goldman sachs is positive on large cap banks. on this cybermonday, one of the biggest gainer on the nasdaq. and two new company tons s&p 500 hitting two new 52-week highs, stryker and zimmer holdings. the big story for the markets, of course, the debt crisis in dubai. no time for turkey for ms. erin burnett, she spent her weekend traveling and reporting on the ground. she's there live for us today. erin? >> all right. melissa, ended up instead of seeing turkeys i got a see a lot of camels. let's zip through the headlines that matter around the world. the central bank here in the united arab emirates providing increased liquidity for the banks, operating in the country. the dubai government says it is not responsible for the debt of dubai world. interesting because it was sort of a general motors like situation where it was an implicit guarantee by the government, not explicit one. interesting they're back off. expectations are though that abu dhabi will step up although extracting a deep price here from dubai that wil
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6